since the mid-twentieth century, he is significantly contributing to the graphic design world. With the 'first things first' manifesto in 1963 he raised the graphic designers attention social responsibility.

Born in Austria, living in New York, he has been rocking and shocking the discipline quite a lot with his unconventional work. Often blurring the line between design and art.

as a Co-Founder of the big graphic design company Wolff Olins, he inherits a huge wisdom about design. His curiosity is
intriguing and encouraging at
the same time.

living in Berlin, he creates
graphic design that is 'edgy' as well as commercial. He supports jung graphic designers not only by teaching but hosting them at his studio 'Hort'.

is probably the most famous women in graphic design. Living in New York and working for Pentagram, she designed the new identity for the MoMA, the Citi Logo, and coinded the term 'Supergraphics'.

is on of the most influental graphic designers in Britain. Not only by his graphic design but also by his books on design, like: 'Graphic Design. A the Concise History.'

manages to create progressive and unconventional work in a rather traditional town in Germany - Munich. Even traditional institutions like the National Theatre inflected to his design.

is an expert revealing, naming and creating the context of a graphic design work, living and working in India and in London, UK.Teaching at the Central Saint Martins in London.

is one of the most trend setting graphic designers in the Netherlands right now. He is teaching at Yale School of Art and at the Werkplaats Typografie, which he founded in 1997.

is an Austrian born and London based graphic designer. Starting as a lawyer, he still has a very strong logical and intellectual
approach to graphic design. Teaching in London and Graz.