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Design is everywhere: On the toothpaste tube, the alarm clock, the jam glass, the bread bag. Cars, bicycles and subways are as much ‘designed’ as mobile phones, ...

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Last week twelve employees of the french newspaper 'Charlie Hebdo' were killed by an islamic terror organization. The terrorist claimed it to be an 'act of reprisal' ...

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More and more graphic design can be found in museums and galleries. In Europe there are two graphic design exhibition spaces: The ...

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What are the ideologies designers are driven by in the 2010s? The 1910s had the 'revolution'. Designers got rid of all the ornaments, which have been praised for over ...

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What do the three contemporary art museums – Haus Der Kunst in Munich, the Lenbachhaus in Munich, and the Kunsthalle Bielefeld – have in common? Their corporate identities look quite similar. To the layman.

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As Steve Jobs proved, you don't have to study business to become a successful entrepreneur. More and more graphic designers have proved a similar point.

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People who study law, will probably call themselves lawyers afterwards. They who study medicine - doctors. They who study art - artists etc.. But those who study visual communication, call themselves all kinds of names afterwards.

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The terms fashion design, product design and interior are widely understood and can be pictured clearly, whilst the term graphic design is still blurry. What does graphic actually mean?